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Si Kribo,

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

*lagi pengen english, ngaco bodo*

Hello guys, quick update here, bagi yang punya chat pake Windows Live Messenger, maybe by reading this article you will find out that this would be useful for you.


something like these :

- http://craaazystufff.com ;)
- i saw you naked http://hotpicsblabla.com ^^ ;)
- I GOT YOUR PHOTOS HAHAHA http://blablableble.com :P
or something like that.

Just do as simple as these :

1. Login to http://mail.live.com
2. well .. figure it out yourself how to change your password.
3. Write your new password ('strong' password recommended)
4. Save Changes
5. Log Out your Windows Live Messenger for a moment
6. Log In.

And walaa, the virus is gone. no more links sent to you.
want to know what happened? continue reading.

How could that happened to us ?!

Well, i read some article, the point is, he said that the virus know our password, and then the virus is trying to tricks us by giving us a link from our contacts.

hmm, enough for his opinion.

I think, yes, I have no idea when and how the virus got into our computers. And if it is so, yeah, the virus is not really harmful. The virus just use the WLM to get ourself caught in part 2 of the virus which in this case is the link. The virus use the WLM, using our contacts to send links to their main website.

If we click the links, the 'real' virus got inside our computer.
If we don't click the links, well .. the virus will keep sending links to you.

well pokonya, change your password, NOW.

at least *for now*, the virus is completely vanished after i changed my password.

You may check this blog again soon to see my update about the virus.

I Haven't Got Any Link That Contains Virus For : 105 minutes. (and keep updating)

Updated : 20.05.09 10.00am

well i think .. maybe the virus now is gone, but there's another virus in our contacts list that still giving us the links .. The point is, i guess there are several types of virus. Some of it giving us the links, some of it giving our friends the links.

kira-kira english gue ada kemajuan ga sih? haha

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