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The Daily Diary of Bena Kribo. The Owner of www.benablog.com

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Si Kribo,

Nama Benazio. Umur 20. Bena suka merah. Bena suka yg merah2. Bena merah. Bena benar2 merah. Bena suka merah sapi.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Benazio has just signed in

/*********Love, in the eye of IT boy ***/
/************* by Benazio **************/

void main() {

Love.. is as easy as cout << "1 2 3";

"A Girl, is just the same as a website";

"She got a head and a body..";
"She got a META Tags, as her personality keyword ..";
"She got a javascript installed in her body, as her talent..";

"Her body contains a lot of layers, layer with its coordinates";
"which locate the parts of her body..";

"Every girl has her own Statistics.";

"She got her Unique Visitors everyday";
"She got her Page Views everyday";

longint Unique_Visitors;
longint Page_Views;

For(i=1; i<~; i++) {
IF(new boys looking at you) {
} else {

"The more Page_Views she got each day, means she's cute.";
"The more Unique_Visitors she has each day, means she's famous.";

"Well.. now, at least I have 1 girl that i've been looking for";

"Her PageRank is 8";
"Her avg Page_Views/day is nearly 1000";
"She has a beautiful body not Bold";
"She has a beautiful head also not Italic";
"Her META Tags are beyond expectation";
"She has an Outer Glow and an Omni light";

"If Doraemon is real, i can use a href target="_self" to get you always on my sight";


"hey you";
"you know what..";

"as always, i just want you to know";

"that your whosamungus will never be less than 2";
"because God, and I, will always take a good care of you. Anytime.";

// I love you
// this letter is for . . . i don't know


Benazio has been signed out



Anonymous Anonymous said...

although i only understand some of those codes, but i'm in love with this post. kewl! <3
At July 2, 2011 at 8:24 PM


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