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Si Kribo,

Nama Benazio. Umur 20. Bena suka merah. Bena suka yg merah2. Bena merah. Bena benar2 merah. Bena suka merah sapi.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

My mood is adjustable. Adjustable depends on how people talk with me, their attitude, and some unexplainable reasons.

Like someone said, one word can make a big difference. for me, one EMOTICON can make a big difference. How could that be?

In my opinion, and of course in the 'chat world', emoticon is used to express our mood, or in other words, it express' our real face like we are talking face to face. Here are some examples:

: ) - Obviously means Happy. Smile. Good.
: D - Happy. Excited. Good.
: P - Kidding. Funny. Good.
: ( - Sad. Bad.
X ( - Sick. Bad. Scary.
XD - Excited. Crazy about something. Good.

Now, what i really wanted to talk about is this emoticon:

"-_-" or you probably see it in another shape like "-,-" "-_______-" "=_=" and whatsoeva'

I'm sorry. but in my opinion, that kind of symbol  / emoticon means that they're feeling like 'uuhh boring' or like 'zzzzzz', in other words the symbol means "Dissapointed". BUT, a lot of people use it in every sentence they wrote. that's really really freakin bad for me.

So you know now, i really really really really HATE the -_- symbol.
Oh yeah, i use it too when i feel about something that really makes me feel dissapointed.

Yes you may say, "oh come on ben, it's just a symbol, i didn't mean to say that you're boring"
But i'm sorry, i can't accept that. I don't know, i just hate it.

When people chat with me, and the symbol appeared, i won't reply unless he/she is very important person for me. Oh one more, the emoticons really adjust my mood. that's why i always use it almost in every sentence that i wrote. :D

That's weird ben. oh yeah.

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Blogger Fahrani Nisrina said...

wahaha aku banget , tapi ada ga ya emoticons naikin satu alis ??
At April 8, 2010 at 7:18 PM

Blogger DANIEL XAVERIUS said...

Bang ben, ini emote aku banget! Hahahaha
At April 15, 2010 at 8:26 PM


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