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The Daily Diary of Bena Kribo. The Owner of www.benablog.com

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Si Kribo,

Nama Benazio. Umur 20. Bena suka merah. Bena suka yg merah2. Bena merah. Bena benar2 merah. Bena suka merah sapi.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Location: Starbucks PIM
Soundtrack: Veridis Quo - Daft Punk

Here i am, now sitting in this cafe, drinking some vannila tea, alone, waiting for something.

Today is my last holiday. This holiday is one of my longest holiday of all time, it's 80 days long. I've been doing so many things.. make some videos, working with some celebrities for the first time, talkshow, games, quizzes, and others.

But there's one thing that i regret. I still don't have the 'thing' that i should have to do 'some' projects in the future. Hopefully i'll get that thing in a week from now. :)

Tomorrow it the first day of my New Semester, Last Semester. Yup, it's coming to an end, and i can't wait to be graduated from my college. After graduated from there, i'll.. be.. free... like a bird.. and this bird you cannot change.

can't wait for tomorrow even i have a freaking deadline tomorrow. I. STILL. DON'T. KNOW. WHAT. MY. SKRIPSHIT'S. TITLE. YET.

wish me luck on that, and hopefully i can still do all my blogging and video stuffs :)


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